Squad Answers

Ask a question to the first team players

Squad Answers is a new activity where you can get to know FC Barcelona players better.


Within the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, you can take part, leaving your questions for the players in the following manner:


Facebook (FC Barcelona)

FC Barcelona will open a publication on the wall indicating the player who’ll be taking questions, and fans can participate by putting their questions within the publication.


Twitter (#FCBfans)

FC Barcelona will leave a message via Twitter, indicating which player will be interviewed. Using the hashtag #FCBfans, fans can ask their questions.


The player interviewed each month will choose the most interesting questions and reply to them. The replies will be recorded on video and will be able to be viewed in the Newsletter corresponding to the current month.


To be able to view this Newsletter and watch the player’s interview, as well as all the exclusive content on offer, you must be  a registered Barça Fan, and if not, go to www.fcbfans.com

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